COMICS! *shakes fist at sky*

I kind of called this but now it’s official that DC has decided that after Flashpoint, it is going to start the whole universe all over again. That means that 52 books will be starting with #1’s. With that comes tweaked and new costumes, younger heros, and a freshen up to the universe itself.

Oh look! Everyone has a turtle neck...except Wonder Woman.

Also, we’re finally getting day-and-day with digital distribution. And while I love my comic shops, this is something that had to happen. To the deny that the future of comics is a digital landscape is simply ignorant. In the future, my kids will read comics via projectors and I’ll snort and say, “When I was your age, we had books!” and they’ll go, “Books?”

Anyway, I’m mixed about this entire overhaul. I mean, it’s about damn time they did day-and-date with their digital store, but am I the only one tired of revamps though? When first hearing this I couldn’t help but think, “Again? Really? AGAIN? What was the purpose of ’52’ again?”

I mean, is Damian Wayne gone now? Was Batman Inc. just for giggles? Did Brightest Day need to happen? Are we at least going to have Ted Kord back? What is happening?!

We all know the reason this is happening is because DC needs higher sales, but I’m so sick of reboots, revamps and redesigns. The reason why these titles weren’t doing well was not because readers were scared of three-digit numbers and V-necks! What happened with these titles is that everything got so freaking convoluted that nobody knew what the hell was going on.

It seems to me that DC still hasn’t learned their lesson from the 70s and 80s. Crisis was supposed to undo all these kinds of issues and then they went and messed with that, and then Zero Hour came and went with the same idea. They keep doing these big EVENTS and NEW CONTINUITY every year or two to screw the pooch even further.

My Prediction for this entire situation: High sales at launch of the revamp will eventually die out to the books’ usual numbers.

If I’m right, I win a hat. A hat I hope reads, “Caroline Was Right and Won This Hat.”