Past Work

A Product Manager for the people, I’ve spent my career helping companies create better user experiences for advertisers and consumers. I use customer development through research and interviews to uncover underlying user needs, and data to validate that those needs are being met.

I’m inspired by the theory of Design Thinking as a process for creative problem solving with a strong sense of consumer empathy and experimentation. It’s that sixth-sense the leads my thinking when I’m conducting user research and always seeking answers to how products can be more helpful for people.

Working alongside designers, developers and customer success teams has allowed me to improve my insights and keep my finger on the pulse of what are effective products.

Selected Projects

♥ Euphonia Ad Format

I led the development of an audio-first ad format for Slate Magazine to connect advertisers, podcast listeners and website readers in a mobile environment.

Finalist in 2018 Digiday Publishing Awards.

♥ Wealth Wits Podcast Generator

With the understanding that knowledge is power, Prudential partnered with our team at Slate to continue empowering consumers with information about the financial consequences of waiting to save. We developed a Quiz Product where results were then combined with their age to generate a customized two-segment podcast.

Winner of Gold in 2017 Financial Communications Society Award for Audio.

Exploring The Galaxy Facebook Live Show

 I worked to develop a custom Facebook Live show “Exploring The Galaxy” with PCMag to seize the excitement of the new social offering to generate awareness positioning Best Buy as the place to get the new Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones.

General Assembly Product Management Final Project

I worked to develop a social solution for Airbnb’s slowing of user growth by developing a program called Neighborhood Ambassadors that connect guests with local tour guides in the areas they visit.

 ♥ Award-winning projects