A few words regarding the IGN layoffs

I know these things happen for a reason, and it’s sad for everyone and nobody enjoys laying off employees, losing friends, and obviously being the ones laid off. I’m still not entirely sure who is left after these layoffs – since I hear they run down to UGO and 1UP as well, I can only hope for the best for my friends who are still there and that everyone lands on their feet.

However, on the IGN side, the loss of Dana Jongewaard and Nicole Tanner really hits me hard. Girlfight was one of the first IGN Podcast I started to follow next to Game Scoop, and Nicole and Dana were my favorites. I never wrote into an IGN Podcast thinking even if my email were ever read aloud, it would be taken as a joke – which is fine, sometimes, but Girlfight always gave an honest answer. They were the only podcast I wrote into, and hearing my question being read aloud by the ladies is one of my favorite IGN memories.

These women were amazing inspiration for not just girl gamers, but for any female trying to take a crack at the industry. Nicole and Dana are smart, put-together, women and I’m extremely heart broken to see them go. They probably won’t see this blog, since I’m just one of their thousands of fans, but I would like there to be some sort of record on myIGN of how loved they were – and still are! – by their viewers.

I can only hope for the best, but I’m sure they’ll fine greater endeavors elsewhere, inspiring more people where ever they end up.