Transferring Saves to the Future!

This isn’t going to be a long post, but really just my own personal musings.

With transferring games from consoles to handheld devices being the new “cool-thing” with the Wii U and Vita, I was considering how cool it would be if you could transfer a save file from one system to the other.

Yeah, I know the specs for different consoles are different and not all games are mutiplatform and everyone wants to nickel and dime us for games, but let’s all throw commons sense aside for a moment.

See, I’m a gamer with a terrible Xbox past. In the last 4 years I’ve gone though 2 consoles before finally being sent a new one, which always overheats and turns off by itself. It’s too late in the console’s lifecycle to bother investing in a new console, but now I can’t play through two major games in my backlog, BioShock and FFXIII. Two games which can also be played on the PS3.

I only got these games for Xbox because I wanted achievements and felt bad for neglecting the console for so long. While my choice was obviously the wrong one, wouldn’t it be something if I could somehow transfer my save files from my Xbox to my PS3? I would have to buy a new disk, obviously, but I wouldn’t have to start from the beginning. I could still play these games instead of having to constantly save or lose progress because my console crashes.

Just a thought of where I would like to see games go next. Now excuse me while I try every trick in the book to keep my 360 from crapping out again.