Caroline Albanese

MoCCA Arts Fest 2014

In Blog on April 7, 2014 at 2:57 pm

MoCCA Arts Fest

Checked out MoCCA Fest again this year and had an awesome time!

It was great seeing some old friends as well as chatting some indie-creators. My favorite by far were the peeps behind the book The Cute Girl NetworkMK Reed, G. Means, and Joe Flood, from First Second Books. It’s a super cute GN and totally worth a read – check it out!

Bigger this year due to the push from the Society of Illustrators, the show had a bunch of booths as well as an amazing gallery of comic strips featuring 1970s Dracula strips to New Yorker covers.  Also, there was a giant Charlie Brown balloon that threatened to crush everyone who attended.

Charlie Brown

All and all it was another amazing year – for those who aren’t into the packed madness of the convention scene, MoCCA is always a great place to just go and meet artists and hang out with cool people and pick up some great books.


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