Prudential: Wealth Wits

Product: Quiz and Personalized Podcast

With the understanding that knowledge is power, Prudential partnered with Slate to continue empowering consumers with information about the financial consequences of waiting to save.

The Products we developed were:

  • 1 Quiz promoted on-site and through a custom Survey Ad Format
  • 16 Podcast Episodes

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 1.44.20 PM

Users started by taking a quiz to identify and understand their financial behavior. Quiz results were then combined with their age to generate a customized two-segment podcast.

Key Performance Results:

  • Over 50% Quiz Completion Rate.
  • Nearly 2x the benchmark for average time spent on podcast episode pages.
  • Wealth Wits achieved Prudential’s goal of educating consumers about the importance of saving early and exceeded MOAT benchmarks across the board.

  • The brand study conducted during program flight also proved that Wealth Wits content drove a significant lift in favorability, brand awareness, consideration, ad recall, and reputation.

  • Gold Award Winning in Audio Advertising Category: FCS Portfolio.

Product: Facebook Live Show

Product: PCMag/Best Buy Custom Live ShowScreen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.59.22 AM

In Spring 2016, Best Buy sponsored three live Facebook shows during their campaign. This was during the early days of Facebook Live, making this a new and interesting way to share PCMag’s position as an industry thought leader for electronic reviews.

The sponsorship included logo integration, (2)x mentions at the open AND close of each show (42 total mentions).  During Best Buy’s sponsorship of the show, the three live Facebook shows measured significant lift across all metrics when compared to the Facebook Show benchmark.

Key Performance Results:

  • Total Reach Lift: 56%
  • Total Views Lift: 417%
  • 30-Second Views: 263%
  • Views to 95%: 166%
  • Total Likes/Comment Lift: 92%
  • Total Shares Lift: 166%

There was also positive consumer feedback on each of the shows from PCMag’s loyal Facebook followers.

Screen Shot 2017-11-19 at 11.59.46 AM